Do you offer a product that will control weeds in my shrub and flower beds?

Yes, and itís called, Jonathan Greenís Weed Screen. My Weed Screen should be sprinkled on the surface of your flower and shrub beds after youíve finished your spring planting.

Weed Screen is a pre-emergent control so it will not kill the weeds that are already growing. However, once youíve removed the weeds from the bedding area, weed screen will prevent them from re-growing for the growing season.

Just think of it; no more back breaking work pulling weeds. Hereís a tip, donít forget to give your flowers and shrubs a good feeding at the beginning of the spring season. Use my Holly Care, for all your acid loving plants such as hollies, rhododendrons and azaleas. Holly Care should be spread under your shrubbery in the spring and again in the fall. (See the Holly Care package for directions).


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