Jonathan Green, how do I get the gift certificate that you mention on the radio?

The gift certificates for my Annual Lawn Care Program, my Organic Fertilizer & Weed Control Products and my Grass Seed Mixtures can be printed right off my website. You can also pick one up at your local garden center, hardware store or home center. To find the closest dealer to your home just go to the dealer locator and type in your zip code. You can perform a search within a 10-mile or larger radius of your home and print the directions to the retailer that you want to visit. You must visit the store and purchase the proper Jonathan Green products to be able redeem your gift certificate.

Mail it to the address printed on the certificate and be sure to include the stores register receipt and the appropriate product UPC code to qualify for your gift certificate. Once you receive your gift certificate in the mail it is good for purchasing any product that your dealer sells in the store for the rest of this calendar year. It is important to remember that it can “only” be redeemed at the same garden supply retailer where you made your original purchase. Both your name and the garden stores name will be printed on the gift certificate that you receive in the mail.


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