What is the best way to re-seed a thin lawn area?

Mow the lawn a little lower than usual. Rake the lawn area to be seeded vigorously with an iron rake or a flexible leaf rake. As best you can, try to break into the soil. For larger areas you want to rent a power rake or a de-thatching machine. In any event you are attempting to establish a seed bed in loosened soil.

Next apply my Jonathan Green, New Seeding Lawn Fertilizer. You may also want to apply Mag-I-cal or Lime at this time. Apply seed following the directions on the package as to what is the best way to re-seed a thin lawn area.

After seeding, rake the lawn to tip the seed under the surface of the soil. The newly seeded area should be kept moist for a few weeks while the grass establishes itself.

Please watch my educational video on this website with me, “Jonathan Green” as your guide.


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