Bring your soil back to life with my
Jonathan Green
Organic Lawn Care Program.

The organic system of lawn fertility, based on the use of natural organic materials, as the source of all fertility, has merit. This is not a new approach to the subject of lawn care and soil management; it is the oldest method of trying to make the soil more fruitful. It is a method whereby nature’s own laws of maintaining fertility are applied. Healthy soil is a living, breathing system. It contains essential minerals, air, water, a wide variety of living organisms, and the decaying remains of dead ones.

The ultimate goal of my Organic Lawn Care Program is to improve the soil, making it more hospitable for lawn grass plants. Through my research program, I have developed lawn grasses that are truly superior. These perennial turfgrasses produce a beautiful lawn, even under tough growing conditions. These Jonathan Green perennial grass seed mixtures contain endophytes; that impart natural insect resistance – reducing the need for toxic chemicals. These grass seed mixtures are designed for organic programs, so they require less water & fertilizers, and possess more drought, heat tolerant and insect resistant varieties.

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