Finally an effective 100% Organic Lawn Care Program which is safe to use around Children and Pets.

Click Here for more information. The nutritional needs of grass plants are complex. The organic system of lawn fertility, based on the use of natural organic materials as the source of all fertility has merit. This is not a new approach to the subject of lawn care and soil management; it is the oldest method of making the soil more fruitful. It is a method whereby nature’s own laws of maintaining fertility are applied. Healthy soil is a living breathing system. It contains essential minerals, air, water, and a wide variety of living organisms and the decaying remains of dead ones. The ultimate goal of my Organic Lawn Care Programs is to improve the soil, making it more hospitable for lawn grass plants. My Jonathan Green Organic Lawn Care fertilizers, weed control andsoluble calcium soil conditioner are designed to provide your lawn with excellent turf nutrition in a slow long lasting fundamentally balanced formulation.

The desire to have a good looking, but healthy lawn, is deeply rooted in homeowners across America. Still, homeowners want to know that what they are applying to their own property is completely safe to use around children and pets. They want, “The New American Lawn”.

Why Care for Your Lawn Organically?

Synthetic chemical insecticides, fungicides and weed controls have the potential of killing the “soil life”. Our Organic Fertilizers, Weed Control and Soil Conditioner do the opposite. They encourage “soil life”, including earthworms, in the work of recycling organic matter. The maintenance of natural soil fertility and health is the fundamental basis for the development of a healthy lawn that is better able to withstand drought, and resist insects and disease.

Natural organic compounds increase soil microbial activity resulting in improved soil structure and enhanced turf performance. These soil organisms continuously break-down organic matter into valuable nutrients vital for proper plant nutrition. They thrive and multiply with the introduction of organics. Microbes break down nutrients into a form, which allows them to be used by grass plants. Humic acid enhances the nutrient efficiency, availability and exchange of plant nutrients from the soil. The slow release nitrogen enables grass plants to better utilize nitrogen producing more grass plant growth, over an extended period of time. When grass plants are under stress they cannot properly photosynthesize or perform physiological functions. This can contribute to a reduction of root mass and turf quality.

My Jonathan Green Natural Beauty All Organic Lawn Fertilizer is fortified with primal humates to re-vitalize your soil and grow a healthy, organic, eco-friendly lawn. This phosphorus free homogenous fertilizer contains amino acids, vitamins, polysaccharides, (naturally derived from fruits and vegetables) and plant nutrients derived from: feather meal, soy bean meal, blood meal, kelp meal, wheat shorts and humic acid. Overseventy million years ago, the earth’s mineral rich soils sustained a vast amount of plants and animals. As these plants and animals died, their remains decomposed and where compressed into primal, humic shale. Humates which are harvested from this primal humic shale are vital to the health of the soil and therefore the lawn. Humus, the organic constituent of soil, is not in a static condition, but is inhabited by countless billions of micro-organisms. Humus is constantly being formed from plant and animal residues decomposing through microbial activity, releasing nutrients to be used again by green plants. Natural Beauty All Organic Lawn Fertilizer encourages the beneficial soil fungi to develop feeding tubes called mycorrhiza, which forms a living bridge between the humus of the soil and the grass plant. This connection is able to transfer nutrients to the grass plant. This “Wheel of Life” renews and supports life in your lawn. Use Natural Beauty All Organic Lawn Fertilizer to restore lawn soil life and fertility in sterile, tired, compacted soils and to rejuvenate sick, tired lawns.

My Jonathan Green Organic Lawn Fertilizer is 100% Organic and contains kelp, feather, bone and blood meals, amino acids and humates. These ingredients help to rejuvenate your tired, sick lawn with a slow, gentle feeding. They promote green-up without excessive top-growth. My Organic Lawn Fertilizer can't burn your lawn so it can be applied at any time of the year.

My Jonathan Green Organic Weed Control plus Fertilizer is a 100% organic corn gluten granules with a natural 9-0-0 nitrogen fertilizer. This wonderful product feeds your lawn to a rich-green color and also prevents both grassy weeds like crabgrass, and broadleaf weeds such as dandelions from germinating. It can control up to 10+ weeds. My Organic Weed Control can be applied at anytime of the year. The key to effective weed control is to apply this product a few weeks before the target weeds are expected to germinate. For crabgrass control this means applying in early spring. Existing weeds, which are already in the lawn, will not be controlled. Do not spread grass seed after using this product for 60-90 days, or the young seedlings may also be killed.

My MAG-I-CAL is rich in calcium and humates, which is essential in the development of new plants, just as it is in the creation of strong bones. Once MAG-I-CAL comes into contact with the soil and water it releases quickly to rapidly raise soil pH. This is important because desirable lawn grasses thrive in 6.0 to 6.8 pH soils while weeds persist in lower pH soils. MAG-I-CAL can be applied at any time of year and is 100% natural and safe to use around children and pets.

Please follow these four simple steps and you're on the road to a completely Natural, Organic and Safe Lawn Care Program which will benefit both your lawn and your family.

For more Organic Program options, click here.

Organics take time to build up in the soil, be patient and try the entire organic program for one year and the improvement you will see in your lawn will be dramatic.
Once you've gone "Green" with Jonathan Green you will no longer experience the flush of top growth which can happen when chemical fertilizers release quickly. You will mow less and have less turf disease out breaks to contend with.

Why are lawns so important? - Benefits of Home Lawns:

  • Lawns Purify the Air: The leaves of grass plants absorb pollutants, including those associated with acid rain and the "Greenhouse effect". Grass plants remove carbon dioxide from the air and produce oxygen in return! An average lawn of 5,000 square feet provides enough oxygen for eight people every day.
  • Lawn Improve the Quality of Our Surroundings: The lawn around your house cools the immediate environment, saving on air conditioning costs. Grass controls erosion and improves soil conditions by absorbing "run off" water. A healthy lawn purifies water, reduces noise, reduces glare and increases your property value.

Organic Products
Natural Beauty™ All Organic Lawn Fertilizer
A Complex, All Organic Lawn Fertilizer that provides excellent turf nutrition for 8 to 10 weeks. Rich in Humates to help restore lawn soil life and help other applications work better. Eco-friendly formula is Phosphorus FREE - great for lake and bay communities.

Sizes available:

5,000 sq. ft.
10,000 sq. ft.
Organic Lawn Fertilizer

Finally, an Organic that really works! Contains amino acids & humic acid!
Exciting new formula for organic lawn customers, contains Kelp, Feather, Bone, and Blood meals, Amino acids and Humic Acid. Helps to rejuvenate your tired, sick lawns with a slow, gentle feeding promotes a healthy, thick Dark-Green Turf over time. Can be used throughout All Seasons. 8-3-1

Sizes available:

5,000 sq. ft.
10,000 sq. ft.
Organic Weed Control plus Fertilizer

All Organic-All Natural formula!
This granular formulation of corn cluten provides pre-emergent weed control plus an organic fertilizer. Use on lawns, landscape beds, and in vegetable gardens for all of your yardwide projects. It is safe to apply where children and pets play. This patented technology will control many grassy weeds, such as Crabgrass and broadleaf weeds, such as Dandelions and over 10 + weeds! Family friendly! 9-0-0. Do not seed with this product.

Sizes available:

5,000 sq. ft.
2,500 sq. ft.

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