"Let me help you to achieve - The Best Lawn in Town."

For many years now I have visited Garden Centers on weekends to answer homeowners lawn and garden questions. Recently, it occurred to me that I was hearing many of the same questions repeated. This made me think that  it might be useful to hire a camera crew to film me at work, at home, and on my own lawn. Last Spring I did this and I have since compiled six educational "how to" lawn care videos on the subjects that my customers have asked me about most frequently. Please click on the subject that interests you and launch my educational lawn video, with me Jonathan Green as your guide.

I hope you will enjoy your visit to my home at Duxbury Farm.


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Controlling Crabgrass in Your Lawn

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Eliminating Dandelions & Broadleaf Weeds in Your Lawn

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Controlling Insects in the Lawn While You Fertilize

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Why You Should Use Seed Establishment Mulch

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Promoting Deep Root Growth with the Proper Fall Fertilization

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How to Establish a New Lawn from Seed

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